Sunday, June 17, 2012


Unsurprisingly, I changed my mind regarding the story that I am going to try and write for the BAD TSA anthology.  However!  My new idea (actually my first idea, believe it or not!) is pretty well set up, and today I took what I think of as a pretty big step forwards; I thumbnailed out the whole thing.  So far it's coming out to six pages, which is good for me, although I might want to consider stuff like an opening page.... or where to put the title...or if I'm even going to include a title, which I probably should, all things considered.

All that being said... I probably shouldn't have thumbnailed the whole thing with sharpie.  The fumes might be...getting to me...


  1. Yay for Sharpie fume highs!! lol

    I have two 6 page stories that I'm working on. The first I thumbnailed out to 6 pages. The second was shorter but, since I always cram more panels in on a page than what looks good, I decided to make that 2nd story have 6 pages with bigger panels. Part of this is experimenting and exploring what works so we'll see what we get.