Sunday, April 1, 2012

Emerald City, You Are Wonderful

So for spring break, I've hopped right on up to Seattle.  Just in time for the Emerald City Comicon, in fact!  It's been a fun time; I'm staying with a very good friend and her family.  It's been all cooking and geeking out and talking video games and watching movies, and it's been fantastic.  I made bread animals!
A bread mouse, for your entertainment. 

We did go to the convention later, a couple days after I flew in.  It just so happened that, a little bit before the Comicon, there was a ceramics convention as well!  Exciting for me, having played around quite a bit with ceramics.  We went through a couple of the exhibitions in the convention center and enjoyed some art; and then we went upstairs and enjoyed significantly more nerdy art.  

I'm a little sad, because a couple of exhibitors that I wanted to see only went to Wondercon, but I did get to do some awesome things and I have grabbed some sweet con-swag, so over all I'm pretty happy.  
I met Yuko Ota, of Johnny Wander fame, and she drew me an awesome squid/dragon/eel.  It's magical!
I also got the first volume of their comic, and she drew this for me, which is amazing as well: 
All of my happies, you guys.  Every single happy. 

I also managed to find this;

My aloha girl! I’ve wanted one of these babies since I found out they existed; I’m a little sad cuz they had the red dress version when I first stopped by, but I didn’t have the moolah. So I went on an ATM adventure and by the time I got back, red dress had sold. Later on it was pointed out to me that getting the blue dress was kind of like taking the paragon option (if buying con goodies is like conversation trees in Mass Effect, at least), though, so that’s cool.
And honestly I’ll buy almost anything Chris Sanders, so it’s all good.
My feet are tired, but I am quite happy!  I think I'll make the attempt to hit the ECC again next year, too.