Friday, May 18, 2012

I am really bad at updating this thing!

I've been doing a whole lot of random stuff, though sadly not much to do with drawing lately.  Most of the drawing I've managed to do has been relegated to doodles in the margins of my history notes.  But the other night I did some doodling; a poster for a story I have in my head, an experimental panel for a comic that I someday should write, and a fan doodle since Legend of Korra came out and has been gently gnawing on my brain since I first saw it.  

 This is the poster - I need to ink it.  I think it'll look significantly better when it's not just reds and pencils, but then again, I'm not super good at inking either.  Ah, well.
 This is the theoretical panel for my theoretical comic - needs work, and lots of it.  Perspective?  Who needs it, amirite?   (artists.  artists need it.  bollocks.)
And of course Admiral Zhao versus Tarrlok.  Borne of the fact that there's something about Tarrlok that makes me think of insidious evil, and Zhao was the first season antagonist that everyone loved to hate.  Admiral Zhao is kind of my favorite, not gonna lie.  He's such a dick.  

That's it for now!  I'm not dead!  Yaaay!

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