Monday, February 6, 2012

Practicing digital painting

When I got my tablet, I also got some mediocre painting software.  This is me trying to make it work.  Yaaaaay!

Comments, critiques and suggestions are all appreciated! Some of them are pretty crappy because I got tired.  And I have no idea why I always draw people looking up.  I'm just bad I guess!


  1. Love the last one! Yay. How much are tablets? I feel that the only way I'd get into any digital art is if I could do digital painting. Not that I know how. hahahaha

  2. haha thank you :D Tablets can run from $90-$2000, depending on how good of a tablet you want to get. I have one of the cheapest that I know of - the Wacom Bamboo pen tablet. It's pretty fun.

    I personally find digital painting to be a lot harder than traditional painting! Probably because I'm not used to it, haha. There are some major pros, though - like being able to hit the undo button if you make a mistake, or being able to erase and reuse huge sections of a canvas.