Friday, December 23, 2011

Sketch dump!

I have no idea if anyone is going to pay attention to blogger anymore now that school is out, but I scanned some stuff in and figured I might as well toss it up.  'Cause, y'know, I'm not putting it anywhere else, so...

I have no idea where I was going with this - chick with a tattoo and a gun, I guess!  But it was pointed out to me that her outstretched leg is too short for her body.  D'oh!  Back to the doodleboard... 

I am enamored of the strange things I doodle in the margins of my notes.

More note doodles!

One of the few things I've drawn in pen that I liked.  Somehow despite starting it in pen, there's no horrendous mistakes!  Only tiny ones, haha. 

This thing is giving me trouble.  The perspective is... wrong, to put it lightly, but I'm not exactly sure how to fix it.  I'm still fond of the central characters, but... everything else... Blegh!  that's what I get for not drawing backgrounds often.  

Any comments or critique would be appreciated!  Tell me how to improve, I beg of you! 

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  1. I think a few of us are still looking and posting on the blogs. Marie. Josephine. Nick. Jack.

    On the first drawing, the outstretched leg doesn't look too bad if it is a person with short legs. But the knee doesn't quite match up with the other leg so one or the other should be adjusted. Also, careful about hiding hands behind a head like that. We all do it and sometimes that is the pose but often it is we artists trying to get out of drawing hands.

    The last drawing isn't bad either but perhaps the buildings are too small compared to the figures. Is the road going up a hill? Because the vanishing point for the buildings on the left is higher than the ones on the right. Maybe try spreading the vanishing points way apart on the same horizon (way off the paper) so the angles aren't quite so severe.

    Otherwise, cool drawings,