Thursday, December 1, 2011

Most Uneventful Birthday Ever

I got up early to take a Birthday Quiz in Art History, I had Birthday Lunch, I had a Birthday Nap and now I've done some Birthday Animation.  Woo!

I kind of wished I'd did more, but oh well.  Maybe I'll go have a Birthday Margarita or something.

Some stuff that I did:

In closing, this .gif seems to say very, very well how I feel about the semester ending so soon (I have more work to do!) 



    If you mentioned it in class, I'm sure Arthur would have had the whole class sing you "Happy Birthday" to your eternal embarrassment.

    Sean was complaining tonight about feeling old at 27. To us old farts in class, it seems like you kids just got out of puberty. My advice? Enjoy those early birthdays because when you really do get old, they become less meaningful. Crap, I remember being disappointed that no one carded me on my 21st.

    Is that Señor Chang freaking out in that gif?

  2. Thank you! Haha yeah I've been very careful about mentioning birthdays in class XD I've grown wise over the years!

    I know I shouldn't make a big deal about it, but so far 22's the oldest I've been, haha. Scary! I will admit that I get stupidly happy when I get carded though.

    Yep! It is indeed Señor Chang. He's the best.