Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Seem To Have Lost My Red Pencil

This fills me with the ragiest rage.

In other news: Storyboarding is happening. Slowly but surely. I'm not decided on what section I want to animate, though. The intro/theme seems like it would be smart in a sort of marketing way, but character interactions are fun and fight scenes are a thing I've never tried before. It might be interesting.

I should try to get the storyboarding done before deciding, though, really. I'm so bad at doing things in order.

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  1. Yeah, storyboarding going slow here as well. I'm pitching mine as a feature animated film so, with 40 story beats, there is no way I can storyboard it all.

    I've got one scene where my protagonist uses a time machine worked out in my head and on paper but there is no way I want to get bogged down in animating moving mechanical parts so I might pick a scene with more figure movement and expressions.

    Hope ya find your red pencil and see ya Thursday night!